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Encouraging Freedom Ministry | The Idol of Fear

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:20 pm    Post subject: Encouraging Freedom Ministry | The Idol of Fear If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

The Idol of Fear

Encouraging Freedom Ministry
P.O. Box 5268
Mabank, TX 75147

IT IS NO accident that "fear" comes from several translations for the words "idol," "dread," tremble, quake,
terrify, beat down, discourage and "to crawl." To crawl? As in a serpent or a worm, the word for
implying fear as that of a serpent or worm is zachal.

Proof that fear is from the enemy. How many times have you heard it spoken or written that "fear is the opposite
of faith?"

Faith of or in what? Faith in oxygen? Faith in books? The faith. When Yeshua comes back a second time, will he
find the faith in the land? It isn't simply faith, but the faith.

How, then, can we know for sure that fear is from the enemy? Easy: Yahweh is not the author of it. Why would
our Father (Yahweh) and his Son (Yeshua) call us to do his will and then terrify us? That's not his character.

Sure, the evil ones and the powers and principalities and nations have trembled at the knowledge that Yahweh is
going to one day pour out his wrath, but if Yahweh plants you somewhere, it is not out of fear. He will protect you
and keep you, and place angels that we cannot see, or guards that show favor towards you, in your midst.

No one said life was going to be easy, and regardless of the predicament the reader is currently in, know that
Yahweh does not intend for his people to be quaked, trembled and idolized in an envelope of fear.

When the enemy (HaSatan in Hebrew literally means "the Adversary") accuses us and torments us with his daily attacks,
he knows that he cannot win by any other method than to strike fear in us. That is why reading the Book of Daniel
is of high importance. That's just to cite one example. Fed Daniel to the lions. They didn't move. Threw him in the furnace,
didn't have so much as the musk of smoke on his clothes.

How many times have you heard that it's all a mental game? That's the only place HaSatan can engage us: through the mind.

If he can convince you through his constant arrows and attacks, he wins. But, he cannot wisk you out of Yahweh's hands for
salvation sake.

When I was imprisoned in September 2009, I cried myself to sleep for the first four nights. I had to mentally prepare -- rejecting
the enemy's fear -- that I would be imprisoned for much longer. I ended up imprisoned for 12 days. I was falsely accused and falsely imprisoned
at the hands of the powers and principalities over something I published.

During my time in lock-up, I was terrified of the people around me, but Yahweh put guards and others around me to convince me that no one was
going to hurt me. In fact, the most feared inmate on my cell block was in for murder. He stuck up for me. How many times have you heard it said
that you lose your fear when you face it? That was one of those moments.

In the definitions and translations above, I obtained the Internet-based e-Sword program, and came across the first definition of fear and
its "sister" meaning: idol.

When one knows the enemy, where the enemy comes from, how he first traveled to Eve (he was, after all, a serpent), one will begin to understand
how fear can become an idol -- especially if one gives that idol meaning.

Fear is definitely opposite of faith, but not just any faith, the faith. Those who are believers will understand this clearly. The enemy could
care less about those following after false gods and/or unbelief. The enemy knows he cannot attain the pride of being Yahweh, so he has to inflict
a mental wargame against the believers to trip us up, set a trap on us or whatever other method and tactic he can conjure.

How does one defeat the enemy at his "own game?" Pray for peace that passes all understanding might sound like a cliche, but honestly
seek out this method. Prayer is the constant battle hymn for fighting this spiritual war. Reading the Bible daily, before you go to bed, when you
wake up, is another opportunity to defeat him.

Encouraging Freedom Ministry is a Messianic, Torah-observant effort to reach the falsely accused, falsely imprisoned inmates who Yahweh
directs the Ministry towards. Permission granted for redistribution, reprinting and use for non-commercial purposes.

Translations in the Bible that feature the word "fear" are from the Strong's definition via e-Sword:

'êymâh 'êmâh
ay-maw', ay-maw'
From the same as H366; fright; concretely an idol (as a bugbear): - dread. fear, horror, idol, terrible, terror.

to crawl; by implication to fear: - be afraid, serpent, worm

to shudder with terror; hence to fear; also to hasten (with anxiety)

Quake; tremble; dread; terror; beat down; to discourage;

Joey G. Dauben
The Ellis County Observer

Office: 214-872-0747
(texting is preferred)
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